Technology and Social Isolation

Is it possible for technology to play a role in helping individuals overcome social isolation?

The idea that robots can aid in the conquering of social isolation is not far fetched. “Robots” are quickly becoming a sort of ‘interactive carrier’, if you will, in helping individuals with learning and coping processes. Just within the last few months, we posted an entry about how robots are helping with the developmental growth and teaching of young children. Now, it seems, scientists and researchers in England are attempting to shed light on social isolation. Whether it’s sequestration due to a disorder or a handicap, these robots may make it easier for those to communicate with others and participate in social settings.
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Is it Possible for Toy “Robots” to Teach Children Computer Programming?

Can such skills be relayed to kids by this seemingly simple interaction?

Yana & Bo – courtesy of Play-i

There are several toy robots in production that are being geared specifically towards young children in the hopes of teaching them computer coding and programming. The innovative minds behind these models were looking for a way to project early learning and creativity to the youngest of minds through the simplest of ways – playing with toys. The result was Play-i, and was founded by engineers from Google, Apple, and Symantec.
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Google Glass – The Next Great Gadget, or Another Hazardous Distraction?

Google Glass – it’s a futuristic device, and, no doubt, an image that came to mind many years ago when people imagined what crazy implements the future would produce. A computer – that is worn – on your face, like glasses. An optical head mount display (or, OHMD) that allows you to basically do anything that you deem necessary in that exact moment in time. Convenient? Absolutely. Google Glass is designed to display everything that a smartphone already does, just in a useful hands-free format.  One feature that is garnishing a lot of buzz is the on-command speaking function. Are you lost and need directions? Simply speak, and Google Glass can immediately find out where you need to be. Want to take a photo? Command Google Glass to do so, and boom – your photo is right in front of you.

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